Assessing Cognition Made Easy


Unit of Traffic Medicine and Psychology
   University Center of Legal Medicine, Lausanne - Geneva

Download MedDrive1.1

For Windows

For Mac

Instructions for installation

Before starting you will need to have a ruler, and your user name and keyword ready.

  1. Unzip the downloaded file in the folder you wish to install the application to.
  2. Using Windows Explorer or Finder, open the "MedDrive_v_PC" or "MedDrive_v_Mac" folder, and then the "Release" folder.
  3. Right click on the MedDrive file and create either a shortcut or an alias.
  4. Move the shortcut or alias to your desktop.
  5. Click to open (double-click on Windows).
  6. Follow the instructions and enter the distances in mm.
  7. Go under "File", "License" and enter your user identification number and keyword (do not forget to press Enter once you have typed the code).
  8. Go under "User", "Assessor" and enter your institution details.

Ask for a license


Download Matlab functions

These functions make it possible to extract summary measures from MedDrive's crude .csv output file. They were programmed on Matlab 2013a.

Download zipped file