Assessing Cognition Made Easy


Unit of Traffic Medicine and Psychology

   University Center of Legal Medicine, Lausanne - Geneva

What is MedDrive?

MedDrive is an application that quantifies cognitive processus recognised as indispensible for driving. This instrument integrates the latest discoveries in cognitive neuroscience and offers some of the most performing neuropsychological tasks assessing visual processing, attention, execution, and memory decay of spatial resolution. MedDrive can be installed on any standard computer running on Windows (XP, Vista, Win7, Win8) or Mac Os X and does not require any additional material.

MedDrive's precision is such that it is cable of detecting small effects of psychotropic drugs, fatigue, aging or other conditions affecting driving performances.

For the moment, MedDrive1.1 is made available for research puroposes only. Summary measures provided by the actual version is not yet optimal. The actual version still requires using Matlab functions to compute outputs.

In a close future, version 2.beta should be made available to help us collect sufficient data to provide clinicians with a sound instrument. The first public version for clinical purposes is expected in june 2015.